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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #214 - Refreshing Perspectives

Published on May 19th, 2015 by adam

On Todays Show

Thanks to Rob from the Bitcoin Game for recording content on todays show, live at the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

  • We listen in on the Bitcoin in Latin America Panel, featuring Chris & Danny of the Crypto Show as Moderators

The Panel Features:

  • Helena Margarido
  • Guillermo Peña Pantin
  • Pablo Gonzalez
  • Jose Rodriguez

  • Eric Bruntmyer, Universities and Bitcoin: How Faculty, Staff and Students View Bitcoin

Sponsors for Episode 214

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Todays episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin! is brought to you by the LTB Companion, Multi-Token Wallet available at letstalkbitcoin.com/wallet . It's a free bitcoin wallet that lives as an extension in your chrome browser which allows you to hold and use potentially thousands of different types of tokens, each in unique amounts within a single bitcoin address, whose private key never leaves your local computer.

Since the last time I updated you about the Companion, community developer Joe Looney has added Click-to-Tip for use at letstalkbitcoin.com - When you've got the wallet installed in your chrome browser, load in some BTC, LTBCOIN or any other tokens you like and when you're reading an article on the site look for the little orange LTB Tip button below the article, but above the comments.

Clicking it will launch your LTB companion in a new tab with the content creators bitcoin address and the name of the post you'd like to tip already filled in. Oh, and with Click-to-Tip you don't have to worry about sending tokens to a bitcoin address that doesn't know what they are, if the user you're sending a tip too hasn't indicated they are using a counterparty compatible wallet like the LTB companion, you'll only be able to select the tokens they're willing to accept. In the future, users will be able to also indicate what specific Counterparty tokens they're willing to accept and anyone who wants to tip them will find it's difficult but not impossible to tip with a token the receiving party doesn't actually want.

Oh and there's a little more, version 0.4.1 also adds "local parsing" to the list of useful things it'll do, when you've sent LTBCOIN or another counterparty token usually it needs at least one confirmation before the network can decode and tell you whats up. Now you can skip the wait, when you view yours or anyone elses token transactions on blockchain service Chain.so, your wallet will decode the data on the page and show you the details within seconds of your visit.

I'd like to offer a hearty round of applause and meaningful appreciation to Joe Looney for continuing to develop one of the most innovative tools I've seen yet. If you'd like to get started with the LTB Companion Multi-Token Wallet, head to letstalkbitcoin.com/wallet to get yours free today.

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Credits for Episode 214

Image Credit

Content for todays episode was provided by Chris, Danny, Eric, Helena, Guillermo, Pablo, Rob and Jose.

This episode was edited by Adam B. Levine

Music for todays show was provided by Jared Rubens, and General Fuzz

If you're a developer, you might be interested in our Coins-for-Commits program. As the platform goes open source in the coming weeks we'd like as much help as possible and you'll earn 10,000LTBc per commit that is accepted. You can find the github repository here

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