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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #212 Hypercapitalsm and the Austrian Approach

Published on May 12th, 2015 by adam

On Todays Show

Thanks to Rob from the Bitcoin Game for recording content on todays show, live at the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

  • Austin Fatheree shares his idea for "Hypercapitalism" and how it's possible with available technologies rightnow. He lays out his plan to tweak our concept of capitalism, change the incentives and empower the world. Austin has written a book on the topic titled "Art and Democratic Hypercapitalism", available now

  • Dr. Robert Murphy talks about the Austrian view of money, value, Bitcoin and more. You can find his book "Understanding Bitcoin" here

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Credits for Episode 212

Image Credit

Content for todays episode was provided by Robert, Austin, the Texas Bitcoin Conference and Rob over at The Bitcoin Game.

This episode was edited (barely) by Adam B. Levine

Music for todays show was provided by Jared Rubens, and General Fuzz

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