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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #183 Beyond the Blockchain with Open Transactions

Published on January 31st, 2015 by adam

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On Todays Show

  • Founder of Open Transactions and Monetas, long time cypherpunk Chris Odom speaks about decentralization and the OT project. OpenTransactions is not explicitly bitcoin, rather it is an interlocking piece that lets you take the very secure and difficult to censor digital token and make it more useful.

We'll have Chris Odom on as a guest-host in March so consider this your primer that will allow us to skip most of the basics and talk about the more interesting future stuff.

This recording is courtesy of the Australian Bitcoin Conference and Jamie Macyntyre

Sponsors for Episode 183

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Today I’m pleased to announce another new Tokenly tool, now available for use on the letstalkbitcoin.com community platform. If you visit letstalkbitcoin.com/vend, or click the Buy button in the menu you’ll be taken to our LTBCOIN swapbot. A swapbot is like an automated token vending machine, you send Bitcoin or another token that is accepted to a bitcoin address and a corresponding amount of whatever you’re buying will be sent back to you.

One of the cool features we’ve built into swapbot is the ability to accept as many types of tokens at you want, each able to have a different price discount or premium associated with it, so you’ll see when you visit letstalkbitcoin.com/vend that you can buy LTBCOIN with STORJ’s coin, SWARM and Counterpartys native token, XCP in what will be a growing list. While we give big discounts to LTBCOIN because its the coin of our ecosystem, we accept newer, less popular or useful coins like the ones I just mentioned at a slight premium, 10% above the bitcoin price.

For now only official LTB administered tokens are being listed, but soon we’ll open it up. We consider this particular swapbot our automated retail outlet, mostly intended to let you trade your LTBCOIN for SPONSOR, LTBDISPLAY or my pre-paid time tokens. However since you do get the best value on anything else in our ecosystem with LTBCOIN by a substantial margin, we do offer LTBCOIN through our vending machine as well at a 20% premium to whatever the market price is. Although it’s open to whomever for use, we’d rather people trading for profit to use exchanges and contribute to the ecosystem by being part of price discovery.

If you’d like to check out our first swapbot vending machine in all its prototype glory, head to letstalkbitcoin.com/vend

Credits for Episode 183

Content for todays episode was provided by Chris Odom, the Australian Bitcoin Conference and Jamie Macyntyre

This episode was edited by Adam B. Levine

Music for todays show was provided by Jared Rubens and General Fuzz

If you're a developer, you might be interested in our Coins-for-Commits program. As the platform goes open source in the coming weeks we'd like as much help as possible and you'll earn 10,000LTBc per commit that is accepted. You can find the github repository here

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