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Bitcoin & Co - Jukka Blomberg: LocalBitcoins in Latin America

Published on December 17th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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My guest is Jukka Blomberg, Chief Marketing Officer at LocalBitcoins, the biggest peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace in the world. With 6 million customers and operations in 189 countries LocalBitcoins is a global company with insights into the development of the Bitcoin space for every continent. We discuss the trading volume of Bitcoin in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and the different use-cases for Bitcoin in different regions of the world.


    Investing in stocks in China compared to Bitcoin
    What makes Bitcoin special
    Bitcoin in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina
    LocalBitcoins' trading volumes 2020
    What are the important trends that are emerging in the world of cryptocurrency?
    LocalBitcoins' plans for 2021

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