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Jameson Lopp & Peter Todd on Libra: Technical Analysis - WBD144

Published on September 6th, 2019 by BTCMedia

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“If you asked me to go and make a centralised blockchain, run by a federation so that you could go and make a new type of asset... The architecture I would pick is actually not that far from Libra’s.” — Peter Todd

Location: Skype

Date: Sunday, 14th July

Project: Casa & Independent Consultant

Role: CTO & Applied Cryptography Consultant

Libra promises to be the first distributed ledger to transition from a permissioned system to permissionless. However, it faces many significant technical challenges, many of which have yet to be solved by other cryptocurrencies.

One of the main issues Libra faces is scalability. At launch, Libra is tipped to offer 1,000 transactions a second, but with a network of potentially billions of users, this will very quickly reach maximum capacity.

Will Libra be able to solve its scaling issues? Will people care enough about Libra to want to use it? What happens when there are disagreements within the Libra foundation?

In the second episode of the Libra series, I discuss these issues with Jameson Lopp and Peter Todd, as we take a deep dive into the technical side of Facebook's Libra.

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