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Insert Token: Blockchain & Tomorrow's Gaming with Brave & Gala Games – The Tatiana Show Ep. 288

Published on December 30th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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Luke Mulks of Brave and Eric Shiermeyer & Jason Brink of Gala Games join the program today to talk about their new partnership in support of one of the most ambitious economic ideas in video games: a way to truly own the things you find, create or purchase in your favorite games! They talk about how this alliance came about, why true ownership of digital assets is so important, and why Brave and the BAT token make a great foundation for online gaming.

In addition, Gala Games and The Tatiana Show have a New Years' gift for you! A rare deed in the world of Mirandus, an Epic RPG under development by Gala Games, the Outpost is a defensive fortification that can serve as a home base for an adventurer. With stronger walls than farming hamlets, the Outpost can still support some crafting operations all while defending the deed holder and their tenants. With only 200 in existence, the Outpost is a rare item priced at over $500. Must be a Gala Games account holder to win. Sign up at https://gala.games and learn more about Mirandus at: https://gogalagames.medium.com/mirandus-monday-a-broader-view-of-the-world-5edc416f7844

About the Guest:
Luke Mulks is currently Director of Business Development at Brave Software, and is a core member of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) team.

Prior to joining Brave, Luke was the Director of Ad Products at OAO, where he handled ad product integrations and operations for OAO’s clients, who are among some of the largest media companies and publishers on the web.

Luke’s focus at Brave is to apply his expertise from his background in publishing, startups and advertising into the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token platform.

• • •

Eric Schiermeyer is a Co-Founder and serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Rival. Mr. Eric Schiermeyer serves as Advisor at Thumbraise. He also is an Angel Investor. He serves as Executive at Zynga. He also served as a Board Observer at Bee Cave Games. He oversees Zynga's game strategy, product management, and design functions. He previously founded two startups. He was a Co-Founder of eUniverse a network of more than 20 content sites that included MySPace. He also was a founding member of Dvdwave, an e-commerce company that sold DVDs. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz. He holds a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz

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