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The Tatiana Show - Catherine Bleish

Published on May 18th, 2015 by TatianaMoroz

Hey everyone! I started doing the Tatiana Show on Liberty.me a couple months ago. I got the OK to take the audio and share it here on LTB. I hope you like it!

This week's guest is Catherine Bleish, an unschooling mom who has travelled with her husband and kids across America, spreading the word about bitcoin and freedom. On this episode, I talk with Cat about the Bitcoin Bus and how their journeys have evolved over the past three years. She discusses the challenges she and her family faced as they tried to live the bitcoin-only lifestyle on their trips, and also shares some of the bitcoin "lifehacks" she learned along the way.

A bonus interview with Franky Wu, founder of WageCan — a bitcoin debit card — highlights one of the chief hacks that Cat employed on the Uncoinventional Tour. Franky tells us about how he started WageCan and how everyone can benefit from using his bitcoin card anywhere that regular debit coins work around the world.

Cat and I go on to discuss topics like liberty, living in Austin, and societal issues like racism, political and social activism. We also have a conversation about where we see hope for the future in our society.

[Editor's note: This episode does not contain a magic word. Tatiana says she will add them in future episodes.]


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