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Launching XCPassets.org

Published on May 6th, 2015 by pooktwo

After going through the forums for Counterparty, I noticed that there have been many requests for a website that displays all of the actively developed tokens for Counterparty. So I decided to build XCPassets.org and I have had a great time going through the Counterparty blockchain looking for any token project that is being developed.

To my surprise there are a ton of them! Now we all know of the big ones such as XCP, LTBC, SJCX, SWARM, FLDC, GEMZ, ect., but it's really hard to find the newest Counterparty startups. I am pleased to have gone through each and every asset that is held in more than one address and I've compiled this great list of tokens that many of you may not have even known existed. The list contains the following categories to help everyone better understand the project related to each token:

  • Image – Self explanatory, thumbnail image of the token.
  • Asset Name – The name of the asset or project, with a hotlink to their website.
  • Asset Symbol – The shorthand of the asset as it appears on the blockchain, with a link to its Blockscan webpage.
  • Type – Nick from LTB developed a great list of asset types, which we use to categorize the assets on this site.
  • Popularity – Anyone can up-vote or down-vote the tokens (vote is per IP or user) and the ones with the highest ranking (up votes or down votes) will be displayed in order when you first load the page, but a top-ten version can also be found here.
  • Specs – If the project has a GitHub, I used that link. If not, I used the best link I could find for specs about the project instead.
  • About – If the project has a white paper, I used that link. If not, I used the best link I could find instead.
  • Forums – This gives a link to the main forums of the related project.
  • ANN – If the project has a Bitcointalk.org ANN (announcement) thread, I used that link. Otherwise, I used a link that first announced the project.

Some assets links do not yet offer enough information to include here, or I could not find any. I will be sending a mass email BCCing all project developers to make them aware of XCPassets.org, and I hope they will provide me with the best information pertaining to their asset, so I can update this list as soon as possible.

After developing this list, I thought: Why only create a website that has a list of all the assets dealing with Counterparty? Why not make this a great place for other Counterparty-related information? So I have developed the following categories to help folks find the correct resources dealing with the Counterparty ecosystem:

  • Assets – This tab will give you information to Counterparty assets being developed, as well as a list of all the exchanges that offer Counterparty assets, and the assets that are traded on their platforms.
  • Utilities – Any project being developed using Counterparty can be found here.
  • Explorers – Right now there are only two, Blockscan and CoinDaddy, and you can see the overall features and services each of these great websites has to offer you.
  • Wallets – As Counterparty grows, more and more wallets are bound to become available for storing your assets. This will be an ongoing list of all available wallets and details about the features of each.
  • Projects – Counterparty isn’t just about assets. Great applications, such as Tokenly and Vennd, are building the future of Counterparty. This tab will go into detail about each project.
  • Resources – This will include information and links pertaining to anything and everything about the Counterparty protocol itself. (Developers look here.)

My final thought was how to get as much news about Counterparty onto this site as I possibly could. I decided to incorporate a blog- and news-entry program in which anyone can post blogs and articles pertaining to Counterparty and the surrounding technologies. There are three main categories to which people can post blogs, depending on who they are:

  • Counterparty News – This will contain news blogs posted only by official Counterparty representatives.
  • Project News – This will contain news that only official project representatives can post — regarding assets, explorers, wallets, etc. — about their specific projects.
  • Community Blogs – Anyone is welcome to post a blog here about anything they wish, as long as it has to do with Counterparty in a direct or indirect way. There are already great sources of information about all things crypto, such as LetsTalkBitcoin! We want blogs here to be specifically about Counterparty.

When you post a blog, the FoldingCoin, Inc. team will review it to make sure that it isn’t spam, that it's relevant, and that it's subject is Counterparty-related. We will not reject blogs based on unpopular opinions, such as writing a blog on why a particular Counterparty feature is bad. They just need to be well-written and not offensive. Once your blog gets posted, for helping to contribute to the website, you will receive 25,000 FLDC to the address you provide in the article. If you want to learn how to post a blog, please CLICK HERE.

One final idea was to help drive a good use-case for FLDC. Now, at FoldingCoin, Chad and James are working hard on developing some great new features for FLDC, such as the marketplace, but until these are released, there isn’t a great use for FLDC at the moment. So if you have some FLDC and want to advertise on XCPassets, you can! And if you want to advertise on this site, but don’t have FLDC, then you can buy some and advertise here as well. We think this will be a great first-official use for FLDC, and we thank the guys at LetsTalkBitcoin! for providing this great idea, which I modeled after the way you can advertise on their site with LTBC. Please visit the "advertise" page for more information on how you can advertise on XCPassets.org.

The site is released now, but there are still some things that need to be updated, such as project information and logos for the site. I am waiting on our graphics designer to finish the logos, and waiting on project devs to respond to the information provided, but I feel this is a great start. I welcome as much information and feedback as you wish to provide me. If there is a project I am missing, or an asset I am missing, or if some information is not perfectly accurate, please feel free to send an email to rross@foldingcoin.net with links and comments, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks Counterparty community, and enjoy XCPassets.org!


  • Robert Ross
  • FoldingCoin, Inc. Director
  • Counterparty Foundation Community Director
  • FoldingCoin, Inc. phone: +1 (317) 644-0494
  • Personal Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
  • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
  • Skype: foldingcoin
  • Email: rross@foldingcoin.net
  • Personal CP Wallet: 16nZXD5ZUa9EiNnmyy6YTgHoWkEe8vJuTt

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