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Proof of Love - Smart and Fun Nutrition with Claudine François

Published on October 2nd, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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Claudine François started as a CFO & accountant, and the stress started to affect her health. After getting herself back to health, she became a health coach to help other women improve their physical well-being through diet, exercise and stress mitigation.

On this episode, she joins Tatiana & Lauren to talk about a variety of subjects such as detoxification, the importance of gut health, what effect alcohol has on your body’s ability to repair itself, and the problems with modern dairy. They discuss how our connected society contributes to stress and how that stress causes physical health to deteriorate, and natural aids that can help reduce anxiety. There’s chat about bread, sodium, and other things that can cause issues that are sometimes difficult to avoid.

Claudine also talks about how important it is, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, for women to take the time to take downtime, relax and de-stress.

About the Guest:
Claudine François is a Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach who helps successful women entrepreneurs to have abundant energy and a slimmer waistline by making simple and easy lifestyle changes for lasting success.

As a former CFO of a multi-national company, Claudine found herself in a constant state of stress, which led her into a cycle of over-indulging in what she later discovered to be harmful foods to her body, and reeling from the consequences (frequent headaches and migraines, sluggishness, inflammation, bloating, leaky gut and weight gain).  She decided to take control of her life by achieving lasting energy, the patience to deal with life’s twists and turns, and eating nourishing foods that taste great! She now helps women entrepreneurs find their own zen, fabulous sleep and vibrance, and effortless weight loss with her own practices and lifestyle strategies.    

Claudine is happy to be the successful woman entrepreneur’s guide feeling really great about themselves, getting the romance back, enjoying their kids, and having the energy to do the things they love to do. Her website and blog (www.ingoodcleantaste.com) provides tips on healthy living to help women find that vibrance, vivacity, a slimmer waistline, a zest for life and, of course, still chocolate :).

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