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Hassan Khoshtaghaza on Operating a UK Bitcoin ATM - WBD139

Published on August 17th, 2019 by DSholla

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Location: Skype

Date: Monday, 29th July

Project: SatoshiPoint

Role: Managing Director

SatoshiPoint is the UK’s largest Bitcoin ATM business, starting out in London in 2014 and initially struggling to find locations for the ATMs SatoshiPoint has since gone on to thrive and now operates in over 40 locations across the UK.

With their ATM volumes now exceeding the peak Bitcoin volumes, seen during the 2017 bull run, Hassan Khoshtaghaza, the Managing Director is now looking at ways to grow his team and scale his business by adding locations throughout the UK and internationally.

In this interview, we discuss the difficulties faced when trying to grow an ATM business, the regulation and security requirements and looking for new territory.

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