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The Tatiana Show - Free Markets, Free Minds with Gene Epstein of The Soho Forum

Published on March 3rd, 2021 by TatianaMoroz

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The Soho Forum's Gene Epstein joins Tatiana for a lively talk about about free markets and how they affect the world around us. Varying state rules on gatherings and masks, the looming COVID financial crisis, Gamestop & AMC, bitcoin investing, economic growth under Trump, and much, much more...Gene has a lot to say! Plus, hear all about the upcoming debates planned for The Soho Forum this spring in Florida!

About the Guest:
Gene Epstein is the former Economics and Books Editor of Barron's. He worked as a senior economist for the New York Stock Exchange. He's appeared on podcasts that include Russ Roberts’ “EconTalk," "The Tom Woods Show,” Dave Smith’s “Part of the Problem,” and the Reason podcast. He is the Executive Director of the Soho Forum and has defended the negative at six Soho Forum debates. His November 2019 debate on socialism with Prof. Richard Wolff has more than two million views on Youtube.

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