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The Tatiana Show - Equity Through Investment with Lamar Wilson of the Black Bitcoin Billionaire's Club

Published on April 13th, 2021 by TatianaMoroz

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Lamar Wilson was fascinated from an early age by the worlds of business and finance. As an adult, he leapt into investing and technology development and was an early-adopter of blockchain technology. Now, he and his colleagues are using the hottest social media platform around, Clubhouse, to help introduce the African-American community to cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship as a path to true equality & freedom. Join Tatiana & Josh as they chat with Lamar about why he started the Black Bitcoin Billionaires Club, his thoughts on the skyrocketing price of bitcoin and why it's never too late to invest, gold vs. bitcoin, and why he only sleeps for a few hours each night but still feels great!

About the Guest
Lamar Wilson started his entrepreneurial career with the purchase of two Cold Stone Creamery locations at the age of twenty-five after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Finance. It was during this time that Lamar taught himself to develop and created the company, 212ths, an enterprise media and software development firm. His enthusiasm for learning while at 212ths, led him to develop Pheeva, a mobile bitcoin wallet; at the time the only bitcoin wallet that could be distributed on the Apple iPhone. Continuing to pursue opportunities centered around blockchain technology Lamar started, ventured-backed Hijro and merged his love for finance and technology.

Hijro, the world’s first trade finance blockchain network, powers solutions designed to optimize working capital for businesses and streamline supply chain operations. Currently, Lamar serves as the CETO (Chief Executive and Technology Officer) of Hijro and is heavily involved with the architecture of the software to the day-to-day operations. A frequent speaker at fintech conferences nationally and internationally, such as Money 20/20, Consensus and Eurofinance, to name a few. Lamar is passionate about technology and endless possibilities it can provide. He loves to share his knowledge of blockchain finance and engage in discussion where the future can be realized.

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