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#221 Greg Meredith & Nash Foster: RChain - The Scalable, Concurrent and Performant Blockchain

Published on February 8th, 2018 by epicenterbitcoin

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We're joined by Greg Meredith and Nash Foster of the RChain Cooperative. A fundamentally kind of new blockchain platform, RChain is rooted in a formal model of concurrent and decentralized computation. Powered by the Rho Virtual Machine, and secured by Casper proof-of-stake, RCain is partitioned, or shareded by default, forming a network of coordinated and parallel blockchains. The project, which is formed as a coop, leverages correct-by-construction software development to produce a concurrent, compositional, and massively scalable blockchain.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Rchain spun out of the Synereo project
  • The primary objectives RChain seeks to establish
  • The fundamental principles of RChain and RLang
  • The concepts of concurrency and parallelism in simple terms
  • How building concurrent systems implies scallability
  • The unique features of Casper consensus in the context of RChain
  • The importance of namespaces in RChain
  • Why this project was started as a cooperative
  • The current status of the project and roapmap

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