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#204 Ben Bollen & Jason Goldberg: Simple Token - Bringing Tokens to Mainstream Consumer Applications

Published on October 11th, 2017 by epicenterbitcoin

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As the ICO boom continues to drive funding and interest in cryptocurrencies, mainstream consumer applications are increasingly looking towards tokenization. One of these was social network Pepo, founded by veteran entrepreneur and previous founder of fab.com Jason Goldberg. Faced with the difficulties of integrating blockchain, they decided to start Simple Token - a company focused on building easy solutions for mainstream applications to use blockchain.

Simple Token CEO Jason Goldberg and Chief Technology Strategist joined us to discuss the case for branded token, Simple Tokens architecture and the balance between easy user experience and decentralization.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Jason's long history as an entrepreneur and the turbulent story of fab.com
  • The perils of raising too much money
  • How the quest to tokenize social network Pepo lead to founding Simple Token
  • The opportunity in tokenizing mainstream consumer applications
  • How Simple Token uses Ethereum and sidechains to allow companies to issue branded tokens
  • How Simple Token backs branded tokens through a staking contract on Ethereum
  • The economics of Simple Token and upcoming ICO

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