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EP #86: The Distributed Health Conference in Nashville!!

Published on October 17th, 2016 by johnbarrett

On today's show I get to share with the world my great experience at Nashville’s very own Distributed Health Blockchain conference that was held on Monday October 3rd in the heart of downtown Music City USA.

In addition to some amazing panel discussions and presentations by some brilliant women and men, I was also able to slip away from time to time to get some face to face interviews with some of the charming, intelligent and friendly attendees. In this episode I include some of those interviews. But for the real meat of this conference, check out BTC Media which includes Bitcoin Magazine, yBitcoin and The Distributed Ledger.

In the first part of my journey at the conference I have the pleasure of interviewing Emily Vaugh, Director of Strategic Alliances with GEM. GEM is leading the charge to help blockchains transform how companies connect to solve industry-wide problems.

Next I meet up with Melinda Buntin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University. Professor Buntin articulates wonderfully some of the pressing issues and concerns in the world of Healthcare today including better Coordinating of care and better ways to measure the Quality of care. She also asks what some might consider to be a pressing question: Can we make it easier to get over that hurdle of governance & trust to reward quality with value based payment systems?

A bit later in the day I run into DJ, the Co-Founder and CEO of BitSE. BitSE is a Shanghai based start up that is working to help businesses take advantage of blockchain technology. What could be better than blockchain powered solutions for your everyday life?

I also had the pleasure of talking with Alex Zbarcea a hacker who came all the way from Transylvania, Romania for the hackathon. Alex and his team didn’t win the hackathon but they had a great experience and were able to come up with a pretty darn good hack.

After hearing some great talks and panel discussions, I head back to the lobby where I meet up with key BTC staff members, Lauren Harding, the Chief of Staff and personal assistant to David Bailey and Jennifer Taylor the Production Manager. It was great having a chance to meet two of the people who worked hard to make this conference possible.

Next I speak with Dawn Jutla, Chief Executive Officer at Peer Ledger out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Peer Ledger strives to help businesses reinvent and re-engineer in order to compete using blockchain technologies.

I also was very pleased to run into two long time loyal listeners of Bitcoins and Gravy, Dr. James Laurenzano and his nephew Mathew. We talk about our hopes for the future of healthcare and how blockchain tech will play a role. Guys I’m sorry for my busy schedule while you were in town and next time it's pizza for sure!

Finally I speak with Michael Tidwell a key member of the 5 person team that won the hackathon here in Nashville. These guys took home the $10,000 grand prize as well as the best use of the Tierion API.

My hope is that Blockchains might also address challenges in the area of provider data management to support a new level of interoperability between payers and to ensure that updates to provider information are widely distributed in real-time.


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