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The Tatiana Show Ep.162 Oliver Gale

Published on December 28th, 2018 by TatianaMoroz

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People often talk about potential uses of cryptocurrency to help the underbanked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but what about the Caribbean?  Back during Consensus, I met with Oliver and was fascinated by his work in Barbados and other islands. There are some unique opportunities specific to the region that offer real world utility and even a stable coin!  Are you as intrigued as I was? Tune into this episode of the Tatiana Show and learn more about the innovation at Bitt and the work they are doing in partnership with the local central banks and the government. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, one has to applaud the forward thinking policies that can give a competitive edge to some of the smaller countries in the world stage.  

As a bonus, here is a cool music video by Oliver, really fun!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QIjz4k-8vI

About the Guests:

Founder of Bitt.com and BaseTwo.comOliver is a global advocate on digital fiat currency and distributed ledger technology, a serial entrepreneur, and in his free time an award winning recording artist.

Championing educational and policy making discussions at the United Nations, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Commonwealth Secretariat, Caribbean Development Bank, MIT, Columbia University, as well as numerous central bank forums and stages around the world, Oliver is a leader in the field of central bank digital currency and the development of DLT in the Caribbean. He is a member of the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI), a Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation project launched in collaboration with the World Bank and UN to set global policy frameworks for digital currency.

In 2017 Oliver ventured seed stage project incubation and digital asset management, founding BaseTwo.com, whose portfolio includes PayMachine.io, Apereum.com and BaseTwo.Capital. Oliver previously founded CaribHash and Cryptocurrency Capital Management, respectively the Caribbean’s first industrial cryptocurrency mining and private digital asset investment group. A University of Bristol alumni from the School of Economics, Finance and Management, Oliver is a seasoned crypto investor.
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