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EB89 – Greg Slepak: The Turtle Crawl Towards Internet Decentralization

Published on July 27th, 2015 by epicenterbitcoin

Amidst all the discussion of alternative uses of blockchains, it is often forgotten that the very first fork of Bitcoin, Namecoin, pursued a daring vision for a decentralized, censorship-resistant internet. Greg Slepak, co-founder of the okTurtles Foundation joined us for an interesting discussion of DNS, Namecoin and how blockchains can be used to decentralize the internet.

Topics covered included:

  • What DNS is and the role it plays in the architecture of the internet
  • What man-in-the-middle attacks are and why certificate authorities offer poor protection
  • How certificate authorities, SSL, IP routing and VPNs work
  • Why the current model is broken from a privacy and security perspective
  • How Namecoin and the blockchain could enable a decentralized and more secure internet
  • The security risks when online identity is tied to a private key and how they could be mitigated
  • What DNSChain is and what projects okTurtles is working on

Links mentioned in this episode:


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  • CoinCap: Crypto-currency market cap rankings, charts, and more http://coincap.io

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