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Distributed Dialogues EP #5 - The East

Published on September 4th, 2018 by DSholla

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"We realized, blockchain is something different...the internet of value can be created by this new technology."

—Jack Lee

Distributed Dialogues is a collaborative show between the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network and Distributed magazine. In each episode we’ll introduce you to people who are using blockchain technology to change the way we interact with the world around us.

With the advent of bitcoin, the idea of a global currency, not unlike the credits of Star Wars came into focus as a reality. People from opposite ends of the globe, and without any greedy intermediaries (looking at you banks & Western Union) could exchange verifiable digital money for goods and services. Crypto established one of the first monetary fields that was without borders and promised to play on a level field for everyone. Today, the globe wheels and deals in cryptocurrencies, and lots of amazing projects, not to mention, investment capital, targeted at growing crypto and blockchain use cases, is coming from Asia and the east.

In this episode we hear from two people who carry the leading perspectives on Asian blockchain investment efforts at two of the world’s largest corporations, Jack Lee of Foxconn's HCM Capital and Riddhiman Das of Alibaba's Ant Financial. Also, in a sponsored interview, we talk with Larry Liu of the Genaro Network, a Singaporean project building a smart data ecosystem that integrates blockchain and storage layers.

This episode is sponsored by: Genaro Network

Original music by: Owen Bolig

Other music by: Ocean Jams via Creative Commons.

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