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The Delphi Podcast - Exploring Cosmos Network With 6 Leading Cosmonauts

Published on June 10th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy hosts a galaxy brain group of leading Cosmos builders to discuss the Cosmos Network, value accrual, IBC, comparisons to other Layer-1s and much more.

Zaki Manian: Co-Founder of IqLusion and SommFinance

Sunny Aggarwal: Co-Founder of SikkaTech

Jelena: Working on InformalInc and Cosmos

Joe Dirtay: Communications at Cosmos

Ethan: CEO of Informal and Co-Founder of Cosmos

Jack Zampolin: Co-Founder of SommFinance and Pylon Validator

We would like to thank Cosmos for making this podcast possible through their sponsorship! Cosmos is on a mission, link one million blockchains. Name brand projects like Terra, Band, Kava, and Secret use Cosmos and the Cosmos Hub to connect to every other chain in our network. The Cosmos Hub is the port city that delivers Inter-Blockchain Communication today. Learn more at cosmos.network.

Every Delphi Podcast is dropped first as an audio interview for Delphi Digital Subscribers. Our members also have access to full interview transcripts. Join today to get our interviews, first.

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