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Distributed Dialogues EP #19 - Shine On You Crazy KrabCoin

Published on March 22nd, 2019 by DSholla

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"There is no such thing as a utility token, as far as the SEC is concerned, nobody has gotten a no action letter from the SEC, the United States Securities Exchange Commission, there are no rules regulations that say there's no such thing as utility token." - Marc Adesso

Dave and Grahm have a new side hustle, Shiny Krabs™, a Delaware-based LLC that sells bedazzling kits made especially for pet hermit crabs. After immediate success convincing each other, they decide it's time to raise money for the biz. They have a securities lawyer on the show to get free unofficial legal advice on how to launch an ICO, and along the way they learn one or two things about crypto regulations, the SEC and how a securitized token offering might work. Stay tuned through the end for an exclusive Shiny Krabs lounge jam. 

Marc Adesso is a securities lawyer, with a reputation of being one of the world’s top attorneys in the area of initial coin offerings as well as the budding cannabis industry.

Full Disclosure: None of this should be taken as legal or investing advice. And the Oggsford College study on the impact of social media on hermit crabs is not in fact real.

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Music provided by: Trent Ubben and Billy Sly

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