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Distributed Dialogues EP #17 - Low Hanging Fruit

Published on February 15th, 2019 by DSholla

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"Once people become comfortable with blockchain ... Remember, blockchain is really tainted by bitcoin, which is tainted by the dark web. Healthcare is looking at it going, "Oh my God, this is a creepy space. We don't want any piece of this." Well, that's a problem if you're an entrepreneur. You want to choose something that has minimum amount of regulation, biggest upside possible, get everybody comfortable, move forward." - Dr. Alan Pitt

Many companies in the healthcare sector have been exploring how blockchain technology can upend long-standing processes that have bogged down the system for decades. However, a lot of them are attempting to tackle major, big-picture issues that could take decades to accomplish with a budding technology. So we asked our guests, "What's something tangible that could be accomplished in the near future?" This episode explores those responses, with a little help and humor from Dave and Grahm. Enjoy!

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Music provided by: Trent Ubben

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