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CryptoQuikRead_352: Paying Yourself? Self-Payments Could Be a Key to Lightning Privacy" (Aaron Van Wirdum)

Published on February 14th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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"The Lightning Network is best known for its fast and cheap payments. But the Layer 2 protocol could also offer more privacy than on-chain payments [...] the developer thinks that “self-payment” could be an important part of the privacy puzzle." - Aaron Van Wirdum

Despite its focus on payments and scaling the Bitcoin system, Lightning may have incredible potential for privacy opportunities and improvements. Pseudonymous developer ZmnSCPxj has been detailing and expanding on these concepts in recent months, and who better to lay it all out for us than BitcoinMagazine, and Aaron Van Wirdum?


A big thanks to Bitcoin Magazine and the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network for making this content available!

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