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CryptoQuikRead_346 - The Kindest Cut; Why The 2020 Bitcoin Halving [Peter C. Earle]

Published on February 2nd, 2020 by BTCMedia

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"What’s noteworthy about this point is that, upon this particular halving, Bitcoin “inflating” at a roughly 1.8 percent rate annually will nominally — and by then, quite possibly in real terms — be “inflating” at a rate lower than both the Federal Reserve target of 2 percent per year and current, CPI-based estimates of real U.S. inflation of 1.9 percent annually." - Peter C Earle

Another great piece from Bitcoin Magazine written by Peter C. Earle, detailing the reasons why this next halving will make Bitcoin a true contender in the world of monetary policy. In a very short span, Bitcoin will become the most scarce & strictly defined financial asset on Earth... are you ready?

Check out the original article and follow Peter at the links below:



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