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CryptoQuikRead_359 - Microsoft's ION Bets on Bitcoin [Colin Harper]

Published on February 28th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Microsoft has a history of funding and developing with open source systems, and has started a new project called ION, trying to make a universal, decentralized system secured by Bitcoin, for managing and proving identities available to the globe. What are the goals and mindset behind this project, and how is Microsoft planning for its future, and the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem? Find out in today's article by Colin Harper discussing the ION system with Daniel Buchner, the project lead!

Another of the constantly amazing content available thanks to the team at Bitcoin Magazine! Check out Colin's previous article getting into details of how the ION system will work. A huge thanks to the LTB Network for partnering with the show and helping to get the Audible of Bitcoin to everyone! Support the show by becoming a patron and get access to the Cryptoconomy Telegram Crew! patreon.com/thecryptconomy

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