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Cryptoconomy QuikRead342: Bitcoin & the Primacy of the Digital World [Pascal Hugli]

Published on January 21st, 2020 by BTCMedia

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"Because of their digital nature, many people still object to bitcoin, refuse to take it seriously or consider it altogether too scary. [...] It’s the perfect combination of the advantages from the analog as well as the digital world." - Pascal Hugli

Don't miss another great article from Bitcoin Magazine on the incredible change that the digital world is unleashing on our society and where we may find a drop of truth in an ocean of uncertainty. Check out the full article plus tons of other great reads at the links below.

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A special thanks to both the LTB Network for sharing this out among some of the best podcasts in the space & of course my lovely patrons who support turning all of the best works in Bitcoin into the audio versions they deserve!

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