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Conference Commentary with Connie Gallippi & Rodolfo Andragnes - The Tatiana Show Ep. 282

Published on November 11th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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Want to escape from the craziness going on with politics? If you're a crypto fan, two awesome online conferences are coming up that you're sure to be interested in!

First up, Connie Gallippi from the BitGive Foundation joins the program to talk about BitGive De-Phi Crypto For Good Con 2020! This free conference, taking place November 18, features some of the biggest movers and shakers in the cryptocurrency philanthropy world as well as a performance by Tatiana! It's free to attend and there will be a ton of fantastic info about how cryptocurrency can help charitable organizations! Also, Connie Gives some updates on some new partners coming to the GiveTrack platform!

To register for BitGive De-Phi 2020: https://www.bitgivefoundation.org/conference2020/

Then, Rodolfo Andragnes stops in to talk about the Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LABitConf) going remote this year, including some innovative tools they're introducing to make online conferences much more fun: mo-cap presenters and VR support! LABitConf takes place December 7-12, and is free to attend!

To register for LABitConf 2020: https://labitconf.com/

About the Guests:
Connie Gallippi - In 2013, Connie founded BitGive, the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit. She is the first female founder in the cryptocurrency space and an advocate for diversity and equal opportunity, working to advance the rights of women in the tech industry. Connie is passionate about practical philanthropic solutions for humanitarian work globally, leveraging Blockchain technology. Previously, Connie worked with environmental nonprofits in California for 15 years, in a variety of roles. Connie is a frequent public speaker on crypto-philanthropy, internationally. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Sierra Business Council and as a volunteer for several other organizations. She holds a BS in Natural Resource Management from Virginia Tech. When not in the office, you’ll find Connie skiing or paddle boarding around Lake Tahoe, CA.

Rodolfo Andragnes - Founder of the Bitcoin Argentina NGO and the Ibero American Bitcoin Foundation, the Ibero American Blockchain Alliance, Bitcoin Coworking Space in Buenos Aires, the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conferences “labitconf.com”, the Latin America tour LaBitcoineta, Blockchain4Humanity and the BiP39 clues Game “SeedPirates.” He is an active blockchain consultant for Government and different industries and a frequent speaker. He is algo seed and angel investor in some blockchain related startups and is entrepreneuring projects inside and outside this industry. He has been in bitcoin since 2011 and is the former owner of the first academy in the world that took payments in Bitcoin and give out his academic degrees.

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