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The Tatiana Show - Compassion vs. Compulsion in the Holy Land with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Published on March 30th, 2021 by TatianaMoroz

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Like every country, Israel has struggled in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while combatting the disease is a hugely important task for all of us, is victory by any means necessary the right strategy? Could we be permanently sacrificing our freedom to beat this plague? Ilana Rachel Daniel of the Israeli Rappeh Health Party joins the show to talk about the country's vaccination requirement as well as its "green pass" vaccine passport program, a pair of compulsory policies that Ilana believes are a dangerous encroachment on the nation's liberty, and a canary in the coal mine for all western countries.

About the Guest:

Ilana Rachel Daniel, Health advisor, health and safety researcher, activist, and writer, joined forces with the co-founders of the Rappeh party because this movement is one that, finally, raises the bar. It leaves behind the arguments of right and left, pro and anti, even religious designations,and asks of us: what are the most basic common denominators we share?

Like many of you this past year she hase witnessed the deliberate destruction of the values that we live by and the systems in place to uphold them in the name of
“public health”.

She has sat up nights grappling with the inconsistencies in the explanations our government has offered for their policies.

“After a full year, billions upon billions of dollars, and the most brilliant scientific minds at the task, I ask: how can deadly lockdowns and a risky, experimental, novel technology be our only options? The cure has become far worse than the disease. I maintain that the right to self determination and bodily autonomy are not privileges offered by government, but are inalienable rights inherent to every individual with whom we share the planet. Informed consent is a basic component of a healthy and functioning society. The freedoms of speech, choice, and ability to earn an honest wage and raise a family accordingly are rights upon which the government may not intrude. Our governments will not be returning us our freedoms. On the contrary, they take action to further eradicate them. I am not a politician. I am part of this movement because this country is more than my home and our fellow citizens are more than neighbors. This is our land and it is our refuge. The nations are watching now as they have always done. I wish to restore our ability to shine light to them. This is our movement, this is our witness, this is our future. It changes for the better the moment we together take the responsibility back.”

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