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Citizen Bitcoin - Jeff Booth: The Money of Tomorrow

Published on May 29th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Today we sit down with Jeff Booth author of the new book The Price of Tomorrow. Jeff is a long time tech entrepreneur - He led BuildDirect, a technology company that aimed to simplify the building industry, for nearly two decades and he invests in and sits on the boards of many tech companies. Needless to say Jeff has his finger on the pulse of the global tech industry. In this disucssion we dive into the ideas he’s fleshed out in The Price of Tomorrow - deflationary technology in the time of inflationary monetary policy - the deep societal problems caused by inflationary money - how deflationary technology could combine with the deflationary money that is Bitcoin. We soberly examine the current state of affairs but also consider a bright future ahead and the path to get there.

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