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Citizen Bitcoin - Brandon Quittem and John Vallis: Bitcoin Symbiosis

Published on April 30th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Brandon Quittem published last week the fourth and final installment of his wonderful mycelium/mushroom/medicine/symbiosis series. John Vallis, host of the Bitcoin Rapid Fire podcast, and I both slid right into Brandon’s DMs to schedule him for a pod. I love these two guys and it occurred to me that it’d be a ton of fun to do this thing all together. So we did. This is the first half of our 2 hour 40 minute conversation - you will find the second half on the Bitcoin Rapid Fire podcast feed. This was a blast, we had a wide ranging conversation that was not at all limited to Bitcoin. In the second half we get crazy cosmic so be sure not to miss it. [@CitizenBitcoin](https://twitter.com/CitizenBitcoin) on Twitter

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Music: Moon in the Sky by Hobotek

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