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Citizen Bitcoin - Andy Edstrom: Investing in Bitcoin

Published on January 30th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Andy Edstrom is a wealth manager who has fallen down the bitcoin rabbit hole. He started writing content to justify a small stake in bitcoin for his clients and that turned into the new book “Why Buy Bitcoin” - a great book to recommend to family and friends thinking about an investment in bitcoin. Andy’s history in the finance industry gives him a valuable perspective as one of early adopters of bitcoin from the industry. In this episode we get into that history and perspective, we discuss where the finance industry currently is in terms of moving toward embracing bitcoin as an asset. We talk about monetary maximalism how bitcoin might change our economy. And, as any good wealth manager would do, Andy has a thorough examination of bitcoin’s risk as an investment in the closing chapters of his book and we discuss them.

Links from the episode:

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