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How The CFTC Regulates Bitcoin with Brian Quintenz - WBD120

Published on June 29th, 2019 by DSholla

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Interview Location: Washington

Date: Friday 21st Jun, 2019

Organisation: CFTC

Role: Commissioner

While Bitcoin is a way out of big government, a fight against ill-disciplined fiscal policies, it is to be expected that departments such as the CFTC and SEC will regulate the space. While China has taken the draconian decision to largely ban cryptocurrencies, the US has taken a more pro-innovation approach, aware that over-regulation will push the technology into other markets.

In this interview, I chat with Brian Quintenz, a commissioner at the CFTC. We discuss the difficulties in regulating the Bitcoin Futures markets, whether the current US government’s regulations are outdated and the history of the CFTC and Futures markets.

We discussed:

  • The history of the CFTC

  • How Futures work

  • Self regulation v formal oversight

  • Bitcoin's unique characteristics

  • Facebook Libra

  • Privacy coins

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