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Unhashed Podcast - Bonobos, Bitcoin and Brightness

Published on January 3rd, 2021 by BTCMedia

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<iframe src=""https://widget.spreaker.com/player?episode_id=42739126&theme=dark&playlist=show&playlist-continuous=false&autoplay=false&live-autoplay=false&chapters-image=true&episode_image_position=right&hide-logo=false&hide-likes=false&hide-comments=true&hide-sharing=false&hide-download=false"" width=""100%"" height=""350px"" frameborder=""0""> On this episode of the unhashed podcast listen to ripple's security woes, our disappointment that Russell Okung's employers aren't speculating on BTC, boredom with big companies making large bitcoiner investments, and the best and worst of bitcoin in 2020 and 2021. Also, Ruben gets weird about bonobos and you'll learn things about light brightness.

  1. The hits just keep on coming for Ripple. A slew of US based exchanges including Coinbase, Crypto.com, and OKCoin have delisted XRP

  2. CoinDesk reports that Russell Okung is set to be paid 50% in Bitcoin ““Pay me in bitcoin” has come true for National Football League player Russell Okung. Some 20 months and a 273% price increase after he first tweeted that demand in May 2019, Okung will be the first player from any major U.S. sports league to be paid in bitcoin. The arrangement comes by way of Zap, the bitcoin startup founded by Jack Mallers. Zap’s Strike product enables traditional paychecks to be converted into BTC. Okung’s just happens to be quite large. His $13 million yearly salary is being split 50-50 between bitcoin and fiat, Mallers said Monday in a phone interview with CoinDesk.”

  3. On top of this news was a bit more about Maller’s Strike: Also from Coindesk “Strike, which launched in private beta about a year ago, can connect to any bank account via a routing number, according to Mallers.... Strike can now be used as a checking account through partnerships with two yet-to-be-named banks, according to Mallers. Mallers said Strike is now processing into the “seven figures” of monthly volume and expects that number to grow as more big names join Strike’s newest payment method. Strike does not currently receive any cut for processing payments, Mallers said, but it might as the product gains adoption.”

  4. Add Skybridge Capital to the list of Wealth Management companies who have already piled into Bitcoin. According to a brochure from the Scaramouche led company, they have already bought $182M of the Orange coin!

  5. The list of Top Bitcoin Influencers was released by a top Bitcoin news source, but… None of us are on this list.

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