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Categories: The Blockcrunch

Blockcrunch - The Secret Whales of DeFi - Taiyang Zhang (Ren Protocol), Tom Schmidt (Dragonfly Capital), Ep. 90

Published on March 3rd, 2020 by BTCMedia

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A very special discussion on DeFi liquidators with Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) from Dragonfly Capital and Taiyang Zhang (@bftzhang) from Ren Protocol & KeeperDao.

We discuss:

  • How traders made $100K+ "risk-free" in single transactions by being "liquidators"
  • Profitability of running liquidator strategies on different DeFi protocols
  • KeeperDao, DarkDao and Game Theory in liquidations
  • Should protocols use native tokens for collateral?
  • Will liquidation market shrink if markets mature?

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