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Blockcrunch - How Coinflex is Fighting Manipulation in Crypto Markets | Asia Series w/ Mark Lamb

Published on September 4th, 2019 by BTCMedia

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Coinflex, a Polychain-backed, Hong Kong based exchange, is first in the world to launch "physically-settled futures" for crypto. Founder Mark Lamb joins me to discuss:

  • What are physically vs. cash settled futures 
  • Manipulation in futures markets 
  • "Initial Futures Offerings" and what they mean for the space
  • Regulation in the crypto derivatives space

Host: Jason Choi @MrJasonChoi

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Disclaimer: Jason Choi is an investor at Spartan Capital, the hedge fund arm of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidiaries and personnel. This podcast is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. The Spartan Group and its clients may hold positions in assets described in the episode. Detailed disclaimers available at jasonchoi.me and spartangroup.io/disclaimer

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