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Bitcoins and Gravy Episode #29: James D'Angelo & Bitwage.co

Published on August 18th, 2014 by johnbarrett

On Todays show we talk with one of our very favorite people in the Bitcoin space, James DAngelo. James DAngelo is the charismatic host of the World Bitcoin Network, an educational channel on Youtube dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies. The World Bitcoin Network provides all of us with technical, educational and philosophical content in exploring the full range of the Bitcoin Revolution. James talks to us about his recent project to incentivize Cap and Trade, the Cost of using cash in America and then together we psychoanalyze Benjamin Lawsky. This is a dont miss interview folks.

We also speak with Jonathan Chester, the Founder, Chief Strategic Officer and Compliance Officer of Bitwage.co. Based out of Palo Alto, California, Bitwage is the first formal Bitcoin Payroll Service. Bitwage allows employees to both receive a wage AND pay for goods and services in Bitcoin. Through Bitwage, Bitcoin users no longer need to have a bank account in order to enter the Bitcoin space!

Bitwage is modernizing the payroll experience by leveraging next-generation payment protocols such as Bitcoin to reduce payroll costs, increase transfer speeds and have access to payroll tools that cannot be accessed through traditional means.


James DAngelo World Bitcoin Network

Jonathan Chester Bitwage.co

Ode to Satoshi lyrics & melody by John Barrett Copyright 2014 RJM Publishing - BMI Nashville. Lead Vocal, Harmony Vocals, Harmonica, Snare Drum: John Barrett Harmony vocals: John Barrett, Connie Sinclair and Lij Shaw Guitar: Jonathan Brown Mandolin: Ben Miller Bass Guitar: Michael Rinne Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Toy Box Studio, East Nashville, Tennessee Engineer: Lij Shaw. Assistant to engineer: Don The Don Bates Produced by John Barrett & Elijah Lij Shaw

Special thanks to Alex Mun

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