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Bitcoins and Gravy EP 27: The End Of Money, Counterparty & Singapore!

Published on August 4th, 2014 by johnbarrett

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On Today's show...

We go to the land down under to speak with German filmmaker and media entrepreneur, Torsten Hoffman, producer of the soon to be released Documentary, The End of Money AS We Know It. Yes friends finally we have a Bitcoin documentary that is so well explained your grandmother could understand it!

Midway through we hear from our Guy on the Ground, "Captain" Kirk Phillips, who comes to us once again from Bitcoin in the Beltway. There he interviews Adam Krellenstein of Counterparty. Counterparty is a Bitcoin 2.0 protocol and currency that uses the Bitcoin blockchain to provide users with features in peer to peer finance. Oh and it also allows users to safely store their LTB Coins using a Counterparty wallet! This is the future folks, so grab the handle of your coffee cup and hold on for the ride!

And finally we travel East... way past the Jersey Shore to speak with Neal R. Blackburn, an American living working and promoting Bitcoin in Singapore. Neal gives us some insight into what's going on with the Bitcoin scene in Asia. He talks to us about the ACCESS group in Singapore - the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups for Singapore and he tells us what it's like to actually live in Singapore... using Bitcoin.

Torsten Hoffman Facebook: The End Of Money As We Know It Kickstarter: Link

Adam Krellenstein Counterparty

Neal R Blackburn Access Group in Singapore


Special thanks to Alex Mun

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