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Bitcoin & Co. - Jan Capek and Pavel Moravec: Bitcoiners by Heart Lead Us Behind the Scenes of Pool Mining

Published on December 27th, 2019 by BTCMedia

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We will take a non-technical look into bitcoin mining in this episode. My guests are Jan Čapek and Pavel Moravec, the CEOs and Founders of Braiins, the company that is operating Slush pool, which is the world’s first bitcoin mining pool with more than 1 000 000 BTC mined since 2010. Jan and Pavels company is located in the Czech Republic in Prague. They are bitcoiners by heart and explain how pool mining works, what the challenges for miners are to be profitable, share their thoughts about the electricity consumption of proof-of-work and what they believe bitcoin will be in the future.

  • History of Slush Pool
  • Why they like Bitcoin?
  • Explaining Mining for Newbies
  • Electricity needs of Bitcoin
  • Mining profitability
  • Price of electricity and value of bitcoin
  • How pool mining works
  • Can individuals participate in mining?
  • Mining centralization
  • Slush pools business model
  • Braiins OS
  • Improving the mining protocol
  • Competition in mining
  • Antbleed backdoor in Antminer S9
  • Open Source mindset in Asia
  • Miners ability to censor transactions
  • Stratum V2
  • Future of bitcoin
  • Altcoins as testbeds
  • Confidential transactions

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