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Bitcoin World #8: Bitcoin in Zimbabwe with Anita Posch - WBD217

Published on May 12th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Location: Zoom Date: Monday 3th March Project: Bitcoin & Co Podcast Role: Host

Earlier this year, I travelled to Venezuela to find out the reality of Bitcoin adoption in the country and what I found didn’t exactly fit the widely accepted narrative. The truth is that while Bitcoin may have some use cases for the middle and upper classes, the poorest in Venezuela are surviving on a few dollars a month, and Bitcoin is not a useful currency for them.

Zimbabwe, like Venezuela, is often touted as a perfect use case for Bitcoin. Both countries have experienced hyperinflation, both have significant wealth disparity, and both have a high percentage of the population unbanked. So, is Bitcoin more widely adopted in Zimbabwe, and how can Zimbabweans take advantage of it?

In this interview, I talk to Anita Posch, Bitcoin podcaster, speaker and author. We discuss Anita’s recent trip to Zimbabwe, free speech & freedom of expression, scams & MLM, hyperinflation and if and how Zimbabweans are using Bitcoin.

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