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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Fighting for Freedom w/ Zuby

Published on July 26th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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During the 2020 lockdowns countries across the globe cracked down on their populations, forcing them inside their homes and closing down businesses from operating normally. Different countries and political structures reacted to these lockdowns in different ways. Most countries found themselves spiraling into more and more totalitarian rule and lockdowns. States have expanded their grasp and where not letting it go despite any real or false threats.

In this interview with Thinker, Musician, writer, and freedom fighter Zuby, Christian Keroles dives into Zuby’s experiences and learnings from 2020 in the UK. This podcast was inspired by Zuby’s twitter thread: ​​20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The 'Pandemic'. This interview dives into many of Zuby’s learnings and teases out topics around propaganda, big governments over reach, the state of the average person and many more deep and nuanced topics. Zuby is such a clear thinker and speaker, he has built his reputation on his raw and unfiltered commentary on the world and the nature of humanity. In the interview Zuby expresses hope for people who can start thinking critically and is thankful for tools and practices that can help make a person more sovereign and independent.

Zuby has both been a fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while still maintaining a relatively pessimistic view on the technologies ability to reach the masses or have the wide reaching effects that many Bitcoin enthusiasts see in it. In the interview Zuby admits that 2020 has validated Bitcoin to a much greater degree, however still pushes back that it is not a cure-all solution.

Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Zuby!

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