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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - The Bitcoin Voter Block w/ Amanda Cavaleri

Published on August 5th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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Many Bitcoin enthusiasts tend to lean from a significantly libertarian perspective. Many take pride in routing around the government and relish in Bitcoin’s ability to just opt out completely. Unfortunately for the Bitcoiners not interested in participating in politics, last week in the United States Infrastructure Bill emerged an existential crisis for Bitcoin and the more general crypto ecosystem. The bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, that is a hallmark part of the Biden Administration’s first year in office, has a couple last minute pages added to it looking for 38 billion in tax revenue from redefining a broker in the crypto ecosystem. The wording was very wide ranging and unclear, many legal experts interpreted that the language could have put on onerous reporting requirements on any and all participants of the digital value ecosystem.

Amanda Cavaleri, a Bitcoiner and COO of Pearl Snap Capital in Wyoming sits down with Christian to discuss how Bitcoiners can work together to make sure that Washington respects Bitcoin and the financial innovation it brings to the United States. According to Cavaleri, the Bitcoin cohort is larger than AARP and could soon command more wealth than AARP. The Bitcoin Voting Block has the potential to become the most powerful and influential single issue voting block in the country and all we need to do is organize. Cavaleri believes that Bitcoin is the foundation of privacy and property in the digital future and that we must stand up today to defend it.

Amanda recently coauthored an excellent article in Bitcoin Magazine urging and educating Bitcoiner’s on how to effectively communicate and advocate with lawmakers the benefits of Bitcoin.

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