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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Onboarding the Masses to Lightning with Desiree Dickerson

Published on May 27th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Christian Keroles sits down with Desiree Dickerson the VP of Business Operations at Lightning Labs and cofounder of MintGox! Des is deep in the trenches of Lightning and pioneering adoption of the bitcoin stack inside the gaming ecosystem. Dickerson believes that both game creators and players unlock massive value by integrating satoshis (Bitcoin) into their games. Des sees lightning as the perfect avenue for scalable and easy bitcoin integration into gaming for a completely revolutionary experience.

With the founding of MintGox, Desiree and several other sought out to create a community and tournament to demonstrate the power and use cases that are unlocked by integrating lightning with video games. MintGox and Zebedee will be sponsoring and hosting the Bitcoin 2021 Esports Arena which will feature Thunder Games, Satoshi’s Games, Christian Moss, CSGO all powered by Zebedee’s Lightning SDK.

Christian and Des discuss why Lightning and Bitcoin are important and why their rise is inevitable. Dickerson is moved by the idea of fair and transparent financial access for the world and making that available to as many people as possible. Des believes that games as well as other forms of earning Bitcoin will push people to onboard directly to the lightning network. Start ups like Strike are great examples of how lightning infrastructure enables large and small players alike to tap into a global permissionless payments network that yields an unstoppable advantage over proprietary competitors like Paypal and CashApp

Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Desiree Dickerson.

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Learn more about the MintGox Esports Arena:


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