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Bitcoin is More Than a Financial System with Zac Prince & Jeremy Welch - WBD130

Published on July 31st, 2019 by DSholla

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“That’s our biggest pitch, to any investors. Bitcoin is not just a financial system. It’s a computing system, it’s a time system, it’s all these other things.” — Jeremy Welch

Location: New York

Date: Thursday 11th July, 2019

Company: Casa & BlockFi

Role: Founder & Founder/CEO

The hype of the previous bull run led to an influx of companies using Bitcoin or 'blockchain' to inflate value and attract investment. Many of these were questionable projects, and some were outright scams. Even legitimate companies struggled with the difficulty of creating value with Bitcoin, as companies failed two thrived: Casa and BlockFi.

BlockFi is building financial products for Bitcoin holders which allow them to use their crypto as collateral for taking out a loan or lend out their Bitcoin to earn interest. Casa is improving security by simplifying multisig.

So why have BlockFi and Casa been able to grow and thrive during the bear market while so many others have failed?

In this interview, I speak with Casa Founder Jeremy Welch and BlockFi Founder Zac Prince, we discuss Bitcoin utility, non-financial and sometimes unexpected applications and why Bitcoin is more than a financial system.

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