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Bitcoin & Co. — Will Central Banks Be Obsolete Within This Century?

Published on March 12th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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This is a live recording of a panel discussion at the “Value of Bitcoin Symposium” in Vienna, March 5th 2020. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of digital scarcity and a hard capped supply versus fiat money, the impact of new players in the money game like Facebook’s Libra, the topic of central bank digital currencies and how that all relates to bitcoin. Participants were Rahim Taghizadegan – Austrian economist, Arthur Stadler – lawyer with blockchain expertise, Beat Weber – Austrian Central Bank and Aurel Schubert – former director general at the European Central Bank.

Please, excuse the low audio quality.


  • Where do you see bitcoin in relation to central banking?
  • Concept of digital scarcity and a hard capped supply vs. fiat money with controlled expanding and contracting of the supply.
  • Maintaining the stable value of FIAT money vs. bitcoin volatility
  • Impact of new players like Facebook’s Libra and other corporate money
  • Thought experiment on Central Banks buying bitcoin
  • Aurel Schuberts book and learnings from “The Credit-Anstalt Crisis of 1931”
  • CBDCs – Central bank digital currencies

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