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Bitcoin & Co. - Using Bitcoin in Zimbabwe – Bitcoin in Africa - Part 3.

Published on April 3rd, 2020 by BTCMedia

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In the third part of the six-part series about Bitcoin in Africa you will hear from two early bitcoin adopters based in Harare. We speak about

the different usecases for bitcoin, how it can be exchanged to US Dollar and RTGS, what the obstacles and pros are, about regulation and what the two online entrepreneurs want to tell people outside of Africa.

After the two interviews I will answer a listener's question about the possibilities for rural communities to use bitcoin.

"Do you think that Bitcoin can help the communities in Zimbabwe?"
"Yes, it can, as an innovation, I think it helps the community. I think, if there is investment in Bitcoin knowledge, there is investment in awareness, there is investment in the like, free knowledge about it, then people can can really come through to invest in Bitcoin, they can come through to even use it. Bitcoin is a good thing, but there is need for us to preach the good about it."

Full transcript on the episode page

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