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Bitcoin & Co. — Pascal Huegli on Today’s Problematic Monetary Colonialism

Published on February 21st, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Pascal Hügli is a journalist working with financialmedia AG. He focuses on the topic of finance and economics. As such he considers himself as a life-long student trying to get a real understanding of the world. He’s the author of “Ignore at your own risk: the new decentralized world of Bitcoin and Blockchain”. He is also a lecturer at HWZ and moderates as well as debates in public.

We talk about:

  • Bitcoin is a social phenomenon
  • Problems with banking
  • Credit expansion and the next crisis
  • Bitcoin’s capped supply
  • Financial oppression is growing
  • Bitcoin as a check
  • Human mankind’s mind is maybe not made for bitcoin
  • Facebooks Libra is Fiat 2.0
  • Monetary colonialism
  • Tokenization and local currencies
  • Can Stablecoins be stable?
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • MMT Modern Monetary Theory

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