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Bitcoin & Co. - Leo Wandersleb: Bitcoin Wallet Security to Avoid Exit Scams

Published on May 14th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Our topic today is all about Bitcoin wallets and their security. I am talking with Leo Wandersleb a german developer living in Chile, who is the founder of a project called Wallet Scrutiny. The goal of his project is to avoid exit scams through the verifiability of the wallet source code.

"The goal of Wallet Scrutiny is to avoid exit scams and to avoid major flaws that would make all the users of a certain wallet vulnerable to some back doors that get injected by the provider or by somebody who has a means to add an attack through maybe some libraries that are used in that wallet, et cetera." - Leo Wandersleb

Why he started Wallet Scrutiny His take on Bitcoin as the major cryptocurrency How bitcoin wallets are built The importance of a verifiable source code Anonymity and transparency in respect to security Why hardware wallets are the most secure wallets Bitcoin fee estimation

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