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Bitcoin & Co. - Carla Kirk-Cohen: Bitcoin Is the Ability to Take Back Control Over Your Financial Situation

Published on May 28th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Today's guest is Carla Kirk-Cohen she is a developer at Lightning Labs and is living in Cape Town in South Africa. Carla is building infrastructure around lightning nodes that makes it easier for people to run their own nodes at home.

"I was really drawn to the security model of Bitcoin, really interested and thinking, oh, this can't possibly work. There must be some way that it breaks. And then going back and learning a bit more and realizing how incredible the entire system actually is. For me Bitcoin is really about self determination. I think the ability to take back control over your financial situation is a really powerful thing and it's a really interesting thing because it's something that's never been possible until Bitcoin existed." - Carla Kirk-Cohen

"That 21 million that will never change and is finite really does ensure value of Bitcoin through scarcity and that I think is the most important feature and just fundamental to the entire system." - Carla Kirk-Cohen

Our topics:

Her career in the Bitcoin space What Bitcoin means to her The 21 million hard cap The Lightning Network Lightning infrastructure projects Loop, Faraday, Multipath payments Privacy in the Lightning Network The Bitcoin community in South Africa Lightning Wallets How to become a (female) Bitcoin and Lightning developer

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