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Bitcoin & Co. — Brandon Green: What to Expect From Bitcoin (In) 2020

Published on February 5th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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In March the Bitcoin2020 conference is taking place in San Francisco. In this interview I talk with Brandon Green, who is a project manager at BTC Inc. for the conference. BTC Inc. is also the company behind the Bitcoin Magazine and the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast network. We talk about the latest developments in Bitcoin, the halving, their suspended Twitter account and what you can expect from the conference. Brandon is right hand to the CEO at BTC Inc. He’s been working in the Bitcoin space and writing for Bitcoin Magazine since early 2017.

We talk about:

  • Privacy developments in bitcoin
  • Bullish on the halving
  • Amplified voice of bitcoin in the media
  • Is the technology ready for a super-cycle?
  • Their suspended Twitter account
  • Interacting with machines
  • Bitcoin2020: a platform for people
  • The topics of the conference

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