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Bitcoin & Co. - Andy Edstrom: Why Buy Bitcoin? Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow

Published on July 30th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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My guest today is Andy Edstrom from Los Angeles. Andy spent 17 years in the investment world on Wall Street, working for Goldman Sachs and is now a wealth manager at his familiy's firm West Cap Group. In the course of his consulting work, more and more people asked him about Bitcoin, that's why he wrote a book about it called "Why Buy Bitcoin - Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow". Andy Edstrom recently took on the role of "Head of Institutional at Swan Bitcoin" and as always this interview is no financial advice, please do your own research. "The banking industry has paid more penalties to regulators than any other industry and by a wide margin, right? It's I think the figure in the book I have is something like $300 billion in fines paid within the last, I don't know, a couple of decades, this is a staggering number." - Andy Edstrom Our topics:

The problem with money Central banks manipulating money Central banks manipulating money Paper claims against Bitcoin Price prediction for Bitcoin Can Bitcoin fall to Zero What nobody is talking about in Bitcoin

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