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Bitcoin & Co. - Amiti Uttarwar: Developing Bitcoin – The Only Crypto Project With a Very Clear Goal

Published on June 11th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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In this week's episode I had the pleasure to interview Amiti Uttarwar. She is one of the first female engineers contributing to the Bitcoin Core software. Amiti is working full time as a Core developer, focusing on the peer to peer aspect of the protocol. Her latest contribution is a pull request that improves wallet privacy. I enjoyed our chat a lot, because Amiti has a clear and concise way to communicate which had even a calming effect on me. Maybe her daily meditation practice is the reason for that.

We talk about

How different forms of money form expectations The gift economy Why she chose bitcoin and not another “crypto” project Censorship resistance Why privacy is important What a PR is Influencing the direction of Bitcoin development Bitcoin Core releases Her educational comics How Bitcoin developers are getting paid Her message to women in Bitcoin Diversity in Bitcoin Meditation

Full transcript on the episode page

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